Ready to FAIL.

Dreaming at the end of the pier is no longer working. I use to walk away with a new life plan, not a detailed one but one that seemed as real as it needed to be. Walking up and down the wooden slats, dancing in and out of my subconscious dream world, a symphonic jazz cover of No Surprises playing the whole time. Remembering time is a non-renewable resource makes me think I am wasting my life. What about my 3.75 GPA and mundane job that is full of experience that will be used to fluffin up my resume, aren’t they worth my time. The next roaring wave crashes me into the melody I would sing if I had no responsibilities, no debt, no fear. The song that would catch no ones attention but define all that I had. I would fail for that song, over and over and over again just in hopes that one day everyone is singing along and time could stand still.

-With Love

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