For you , my dear warrior woman!

I got moved to express my support for this great lady.

When I read above letter, my soul just numbed down. I couldn’t feel anything under my face. Her description for her agony was just too vivid. All I wanted to do was to hold her.

My dear warrior Woman,

I am sorry for your pain. I didnt cause it, But I live in this world wondering how one human can do this to another human. My words cannt change your reality and agony. But if you stick with reading the whole letter, you will realise that life is not fair but very beautiful blessing by almighty. So look at positive side and find a reason to feel blessed. You are fotunate to have survived this and to find courage to make us all more empathetic to such survivors.

You said you hated your body after the medical check up. I think your body is more wounded than your soul. So please be kind to it. Your body went through more trauma than any news article can report on. I dont even want to focus on gentleman who caused this. He doesnt deserve any attention but most severe punishment.

I think I understand your pain partially, for I have been raped by my ex spouse for 7 years in name of marriage. There are many women I know who carry on such dead marriages in my part of world. You would wonder why would such a woman willingly give up her soul every night to keep her marriage intact. We may blame to her family situations, destiny or lack of self esteem. Getting Divorced is not that easy either.

Feelings after being raped may wary after subsequent rapes. You may tend to not think of it as big deal. One may eventually train their brain to position it as blessing in disguise. Gross! Right. I know.

My message to you is to hang on each ounce of life you have left in you. Let your body, soul and mind heal completely. You will eventually be able to get over this and seek your share of happiness. Will life be same ? I bet not.

Does it need to be same? I guess not. There is a reason things happen. Good or bad, each had its purpose in our life. I know you must be wondering what’s possibly good in this. You have a way to capture hearts with your words while explaining your trauma. May be life is asking you to pen down the worst trauma of others through you. Dont miss on the message of life.

Its natural to get absrobed in self pain. Watching your family in pain is no fun either. But you will be surprised to know that they are taking their cues from your conduct. As you shrug off this terrible feeling of wounded self and evolve into your next calling, so will they.

If that’s any hope for you. I finally found courage to divorce my ex spouse. I found love of my life and remarried. Do i recollect painful seven years of daily marital rape? No, absolutely not. My brain has numbed those seven years out. There are occasional revisiting of pain when I read about anyone’s soul being raped against their wishes. I dont recall my pain. I recall that hapless feeling of helplessness and darkness.

Whenever being alive becomes harder than dying, trust my friend, you are going through a rebirth. After the rebirth , you are naturally given a new self and whole new purpose. Good luck!

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