Best web designing course in Bangalore

As we already know Web design framework is a highly sought after and highly preferred technology in the software development vertical as on now. Now let us go through some conceptual facts related to the Web designing technology. Let us have a detailed outlining of the advantages and disadvantages of web designing course in Bangalore.

Advantages of Web designing course include the following:

  • It has the ease of providing the resources needed to create a Single Page Application which is very systematic and very clean and can be easily maintained.
  • It provides the capability of data binding for HTML which in turn gives the user an experience of affluent and approachable development or designing.
  • The Javascript code and web designing course in Bangalore is unit testable shown.
  • The dependency injection characteristic of this technology enables the usability of separation of concerns.
  • It provides with the facility of reusable components.
  • Web design developers will love coding as because they have to write lesser code while deriving more output from the functioning of those codes.
  • In Web design the views are actually HTML pages purely wherein the controllers are written in JavaScript who are the ones which do the business processing.
  • One of the most valuable and striking advantage of Web design applications is that they can run on all the major existing browsers and also function on all the smart phones and/or tablets with AndroidOS or iOS.

Above are the advantages of web designing institutes in bangalore. But every technology has its own pros and cons and that is the reason they sometime go through a phase of depression in the technological arena. The merits of Web design have been discussed above. At the same time let us have a look at the demerits of the technology which are discussed below:

  • Security — Web design lacks the security factor because it is a solely JavaScript based framework. This property makes Web design applications quite unsafe. To keep such applications secure, the security is taken care of from the Server side through server-side authentication and also through the authorization procedure.
  • Degradability− Applications based on Web design are non-degradable. The reason being that if the user of the application disables the JavaScript then user will not be able to view anything else other than just the basic page.

These were some of the major faults with a highly applicable technology.

Further just for some further information on the technology, we will give a brief on the Web design Components. Before going into the concept of components, let us know about Web designing application Directives which are basically markers for in-built DOM elements such as elements, attributes, css etc. Using these directives, a developer can create customized HTML tags that serve as widgets which are customized to function as new parts.

Now coming to the component parts, the Web design framework has been divided into three major portions which have been named as its components. They have been outlined as below −

  • ng-app − This is the kind of directives which is used to define an Web design application and link it to HTML.
  • ng-model − This type of directive is used to bind the values of data derived on an Web design application to HTML input controls.
  • ng-bind − This is the directive which binds the data obtained on Web design Application to HTML tags.
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