How reading blogs can be helpful: 8 underlying benefits.

surbi m
3 min readSep 13, 2018


Hello friends, I never thought that reading blog would be my favourite past time someday until I actually started reading a few.

Once I started reading blogs I realized some hidden benefits which were not known previously. I started observing a positive change in myself. This habit of reading blogs has transformed my life so much that I wanted to share it with you guys. so that it can also benefit you.

In this blog, I will be highlighting 8 key benefits of reading blogs… so stay tuned…

1. Knowledge: Reading books for knowledge seems boring to many of us. In this digital world going to a bookstore each time you want to learn something seems quite arduous.

When everything is just a click away we can’t wait to go to a bookstore and find the appropriate book that we want.

If you want to read something of your interest you can just search it on the internet and you will find out a whole lot of things regarding just one topic. So you can just choose any of them and can start reading in no time.

2. Different people Different views: you will get to know the other side of the coin.” There are a lot of bloggers in this world who are sharing their knowledge, their experiences with us.

If we go through the writings of different people on the same subject we will find different views. We realize that there can be many aspects of a particular topic.

Different people think differently.

We want to excel in everything we do and for that, we should be well versed and well informed. Reading blog gives us insight to every untouched aspect of the subject we are reading. So, this way you will be able to explore more.

3. It is a positive distraction: Sometimes in life, we feel dejected either due to some reason or for no reason at all. This happens to everyone and when this happens our mind starts searching for some kind of escapism — people sometimes resort to alcohol or smoking or certain other bad activities .

But just think for a moment.. what good it will do to you…would you feel perfectly fine after resorting to such activities…No, you will end up losing everything.

So instead of that, you should engage yourself in some positive distractions.. reading always gives you pleasure until you read something which interests you. read whatever you like…in the long run, it will be helpful.

4. Ability to explore different discipline about which you knew next to nothing: Many a times you get bored of the discipline you have chosen as your career choice or for education, it is the time when you look for something different to read.

Recall ideas or topics that once you considered interesting but didn’t pursued them. So whenever you feel the same, go for it. Try reading about different disciplines or your favourite topic. Grab as much knowledge as you can.

5. It helps improve your command over the language: Reading different blogs introduces you to new words.Reading blogs benefits you in two ways here — first you are reading what you are reading and second, you are improving your vocabulary at the same time.

You will encounter words which are totally new for you and reading blogs will give you an idea about the word usage i.e. how they are used in a sentence.

6. Instils confidence in you: “You will be new confident you.” — — Gaining insight into something new; having knowledge about some new aspects help build your confidence.

It is more confident and satisfactory for you to read blogs than killing time playing games on your phones.

7. Continuity in learning: Since bloggers regularly post something new, you will stay updated and each time you will find something new, something fresh to read.

8. It will cost you nothing: And last but not the least it is totally free of cost; what can be better than this; acquiring knowledge, developing skills, pursuing creativity — — all at your doorstep — free of cost.. you don’t have to pay for any extra classes or some kind of coaching.

These were some benefits of reading blogs which helped me, do you find them useful??? If Yes, then please let me know how in the comment section. I would love to know.