Pashtunwali : Core concept in Pashtun culture

The Pakhtunwali is the proud and significant concept in the Pashtu culture, which every Pakhtoon proudly follows. The language of Pashto and literature comprise multi of such words, which are true reflections of their honor and dignity. The inventor of these languages were those people who direly believe in respect, earning honors and fearless attitude in every phase of life, who were committed to their promises and who were sincere in their sayings which all makes up the important crux Pashtun call Pakhtunwali.

The Pashtunwali means connection and fierce attitude of Pashtuns, dedication towards their blood relatives and hospitality with the rest of the people. Some aspects of this concept include:


Hospitality meaning mailmastiya is the renowned part of their culture. This hospitality is utterly different from the western concept of guest treating manners. Hospitality in Pashtun culture means offering these services to a person, tribe, and family regardless of race, economic status and language, but once you come under their shade it will be like forever.
Once under come under their shade, then the concept of revenge remains no more, which at times becomes so brutal that continue until generations. Hospitality is otherwise aspect of their national pride, which they have retained despite of evolution in cultures.
Hospitality entails giving refuge to the one who seeks protection. This form of hospitality for sure is a paradigm of their tribe on which they are proud.

Clash and Revenge:

The people of this tribe are known for their stout and angry behavior, which rage their behavior and the clashed last out until generations. Once an enemy forever an enemy because they at first provide protection to everyone but once anyone or any tribe deviates from their narratives then they becomes an enemy for no matter what happens.
The literature of Pakhtoon clans and tribes is enriching in their wars that were fought on clashes more than snatching of lands or property. For them respect and honor is much more important than any material atrocities.

Honor Must be Defended:

The main theme of “Pakhtunwali” is to defend the honor despite of its form. They are keen and trained to protect their honor, property, animals, and family from the invaders. If misery is inflicted on one tribe, then the rest comes to shield them from the pungencies of outsiders making them string to safeguard their belongings. This does not have to protect the family or blood relatives, but anyone who is close to them that helps them in earning the massive respect around and in tribes.
Much more of the factors make the base for this core concept, but aforementioned were the fundamental and building blocks on which the edifice of Pakhtunwali is standing. These factors give a detailed insight of the values and customs of Pakhtoon culture that they deem important and significant.