Best Toddlers Book Authors Helping Kids to Learn Drawing

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) — Exposing young kids to high quality children’s books is a priority for the Corning Children’s Center. It says this helps develop early literacy skills especially for children under five which is why it invites children’s book authors to the center to draw their stories live. photo This shows children that real people are behind the making of the stories and pictures they see in their favorite books. Author/Illustrator Stephen Savage was the guest host on Tuesday and he drew the same depictions shown in his published books. He says the earlier you get your child on board, the less it’ll feel like a chore. “The younger you do that, opening a book and sharing a story just becomes a natural part of the day, so reading and school are not this separate thing,” Savage said. “They’re just part of daily life. We did that with my daughter. We read books and it was almost like the day wasn’t complete without reading.” Savage is the author and illustrator of nine children’s books including The Mixed Up Truck, Little Tug, Ten Orange Pumpkins, and Where’s Walrus? The center prides itself on having a strong curriculum based on language, motor, problem-solving, and social skill development.

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