Evernote vs Google Docs? The user loses!


Quiver seemed like another attractive alternative which I rejected. Their website offers a free trial, which is a brilliant concept for testing it before purchasing on the Mac App Store.

Their marketing material mentioned GDrive:

# Cloud Syncing
Quiver lets you sync all your notes across multiple computers via Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, or any other file-based cloud services.

but quick testing revealed that I had incorrect expectations because Quiver used gDrive as a database but it did not save the notes themselves as gDocs in gDrive.

Quiver also spoke of robust search:

# Instant Full-Text Search
Notes are only useful if you can find them quickly. Quiver’s full-text search is based on Search Kit, the same technology used to power Spotlight on your mac. That’s how Quiver can search through thousands of notes in a blink of an eye

But testing revealed that users who wants to search for `gift ideas` in their notes but accidently type `gist ideas` will get no results. One of the notes which would match if the search engine was indeed robust … had the title `super cool gifts list`

Since searching failed, I crossed off Quiver from my list of possible remedies.

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