Best Mobile App Security Practices That Companies Cannot Afford to Miss

Mobile App Security best Practices

Users download mobile apps from numerous app stores some of which may not be genuine. These swindler apps might carry a malware which can harm the user’s data. A mobile app is vulnerable to a security threat just like any other program. Many mobile apps today require storing &sharing sensitive data such as bank & credit card information, personal ID’s and health-related data which makes the testing of mobile app security more important.

It is essential to identify the threats in advance & take measures to protect your mobile app against various threats. To understand why mobile application security is a concern, we need to have an overview of the ecosystem in which mobile apps operate. Many reports say than 90% of mobile applications are vulnerable and there is an average of around 6.5 vulnerabilities per app. Each day over 4,000 apps are being added to the traditional apps stores. On an average, a smartphone user downloads 36 apps. When we put all these calculations together,it presents a scary picture for any business.

Why are organizations & businesses not taking Mobile App Security Seriously?

Well, there are various factors to blame for the lack of importance given to mobile application security. Organizations today put so much focus on things such as features, performance, etc. that they forget about security issues.

Listed below are the best practices of mobile app security:

· Perform regular mobile security audits and penetration testing.

· Do not store sensitive data on the user’s device.

· Make sure that the employees download trusted apps only from enterprise app stores.

· Use containerization for critical corporate data.

· Implement security measures at the application level.

· Encode and monitor the data between the mobile app&web server.

It is important to implement the mobile app security best practices to reduce security threats. Avyaan has experienced security testers that have worked on various applications.

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