Essence of Diabetes Cure in Ayurveda

Essence of Diabetes Cure in Ayurveda

Diabetes is a disease caused by high blood sugar levels in the blood. It is also called insulin levels. Usually, the elevation in insulin levels is controlled by the liver, where it extracts the excess sugar out of the body. But, when a person indulges himself into excessive sugar consumptions, in form of soft drinks, junk food, and alcohol, the liver becomes unable to perform its sugar extraction function.

Now, almost all the allopathy (most preferred medical science) treatments for diabetics recommend aninjection of insulin, to balance the sugar level in the body. But that’s not the case with Ayurveda. Diabetes cure in Ayurveda aims at improving liver function, by strengthening and increasing the metabolism rate of the body to fight sugar blood levels. Natural therapies and medicines made with herbs are used to treat sugar.

Diabetes: Not a hereditary, but an outcome of modern lifestyle

We all have become habitual of living an imbalanced lifestyle. Junk food consumption and obesity factor, which further affects our health condition. Almost 80% of the patients diagnosed with diabetics have type-2 diabetes that is a result of increased sugar levels. There’s a need to address this serious issue and inculcate these following habits to prevent diabetics:

· Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, which helps to reduce the burden of sugar extraction from the liver.

· Daily consumption of Alma, either in raw form or in pickles or dishes.

· Include Fruits and food rich in Fiber in your diet.

· Exercise and Yoga to keep your mind and body fit.

Herbal Medicine for Diabetes

Diabetes can be cured by the use of natural ayurvedic medicines that have been developed with the plant-based formulation. Dailife Capsules from Dalmia health care is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients. It strengthens the liver and improves the overall health condition of the body. Daily consumption of these capsules protects the body from diabetes.

For further information about ayurvedic treatment for diabetics, consult Dalmia Healthcare.

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