Opt for Security Audit Services to Ensure Protection against Ransomware Attacks

Security Protection Against Ransomware Attack

In the past few days, there isn’t a corner of the world, which is not talking about the latest cyber-attack based on ransomware. Ransomware is an opportunistic type of malware and can affect a single user to the entire network. That is why companies should opt for IT security audit services.In 2016, the popularity & use of ransomware spread rapidly as cyber criminals started using ransomware vigorously to target institutions and businesses.

Ransomware is the right example to illustrate how hackers can take advantage of thousands of victims of their attack in a short span of time.At the end of 2015, the threat research team has observed a 78% growth in ransomware variations. They have found that companies are hit by a range of highly active ransomware, which includes:

· PadCrypt

· Cryptowall

· Locky

· CTB-Locker

· DMA Locker

· CryptoWall


The recent cyber-attack of ransomware knows as ‘WannaCry,’ has affected over 200,000 computers in over 150 countries.It is a military-grade hacking code, posted online publicly by a group of hackers in the month of April 2017. WannaCry capitalizes on ‘Eternal Blue’ exploit of old Microsoft Windows versions such as XP and Windows server 2003, also known as MS17–010, mostly used by the low budget companies, not performing any IT security audit.

Supposedly, WannaCry was spread through spam emails of fake invoices, job offers, etc. which had .zip file attachments. Vulnerable systems which were exposed to the internet could be attacked without any need for phishing, say a CISCO’s division

How to Protect Yourself from such Ransomware Cyber-Attacks.

Backup your data

The only thing that will surely defeat a ransomware attack is a regularly updated data backup. But make sure that you encrypt the backed-up data so that only you can restore it.

Training and awareness

It is important to place some governance policy to make sure everyone in your organizations is well-trained about the dangers of the ransomware and trained to recognize cyber criminal’s methods, which are used to compromise devices through social media and many spam &fraud emails.

Email security

Scam emails are mostly employed by the attackers to distribute ransomware.You should installan email security solution that can scan all the attachments for malicious content &separate all files that are embedded with ransomware.

Communication Plan

One of the most important points that you need to focus is to develop a communication plan to inform all the employees about the outbreak of the virus and communicate precautionary measures.

Annual IT Security Audits

Even if there are no potential high-risk threats present on the internet, companies should perform IT security audit at least once a year.

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