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Application Security

These days, website security is must. The number of hackers & spammers are growing each day and a website security is considered as a primary concern as well as a challenge for companies. That’s why security testing on the web application is becoming one of the most important things to be taken into testing of web applications. The website security testing is to be performed once the system is developed & installed to identify the vulnerabilities and to ensure that the data is protected from hackers & invaders.

The website security testing is performed with an aim of revealing flaws in security mechanisms & find out the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of software applications. It is one of the most efficient techniques for identifying potential vulnerabilities when performed regularly.

Following are the examples of the security flaws in an application:

1: A custom software possesses inadequate security if an SQL query retrieves the actual password of its users.

2: If data entry operator can generate reports, then an ERP system is not secure.

Why is security testing must?

In the current scenario, system testing is a must to identify & address web application security vulnerabilities to avoid any of the following:

• The cost associated with securing web applications against future attacks.

• Disturbance to your online means of revenue generation/collection.

• Website downtime, time loss &expenditures in recovering from damage (reinstalling services, restoring backups, etc.)

Following are the basic terms used in the security testing:

1: Penetration Testing

It is a security testing process to identify security vulnerabilities in an application by evaluating the system or network with various malicious techniques.

The primary aim of this testing is to protect the identified vulnerabilities and secure the valuable data from unauthorized users who do not have access to the system. This testing can be carried out after the careful consideration, planning, and notification.

2: Vulnerability scanning

In this type of testing, whole system under the test is scanned to find out the loopholes & vulnerable signatures.

3: Risk assessment

It is the assessment of risk, which is involved with the security of system under the test, is done and then classified the risks on certain factors such as high, low or medium base.

4: Security Review

It is the review process for security standards, which is used to identify security-related issues, determine the level of risk associated with those problems and make informed decisions about risk mitigation or acceptance. And to check whether all the standards are followed & implemented properly or not.

5: Security Scanning

This process is used to scan the whole system and find out the network weaknesses, and then they are studied in detail, analyzed and fixed.


The purpose of the web application security services is to discover the vulnerabilities of the web application so that the developers can remove those vulnerabilities from the application and make the web application & data safe from various unauthorized actions.

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