Top 5 Factors Affecting NBFC’s Website Security

Factors Affecting NBFC’s Website Security

NBFC: Non-Banking Finance Companies

With the latest advancements in software technology, there has been a surge in demand to provide finance solutions through website/mobile applications.

A financial application requires a set of programs to facilitate the process of exchange of money. Such applications, empower business owners to provide better financial services in a convenient and secure environment. These applications are designed to automate, assist, and store user financial/confidential information.

Security of such websites and applications are compromised if we ignore the below-mentioned factors:

Factors affecting NBFC’s website/application:

Testing based on domain of the application

Such applications deal with multiple domains, it’s important to separately check and track each domain to ensure a secure network. Companies who deal in multiple domains are at high risk of data breach.

Functional Testing

This is significant to get the idea of application’s user acceptance parameter. Functional testing gives a brief idea of application’s integrations, automation, and performance. White-box testing is highly recommended to check the functionalities of the application.

Impact Analysis

Unknowingly, additional features in the application result in a negative impact on website’s performance. There is a need for analysis of every change deployed in the application.

Testing for Automation

The major reason why NBFC’s have become prominent is the automation features they provide in the finance process. If this factor is compromised, your business could be jeopardized.

Security Testing

To check for internal as well as external vulnerabilities, which pose a serious threat to confidential information.

Why is Testing significant for NBFC’s applications?

These applications require an end to end testing methodology to ensure:

· Checking for banking workflows and business requirements.

· Functional aspects of the application

· User Experience in the applications

· Checking the performance of the applications

· Security Parameters in the application

· Data Integrity

Avyaan’s Security Audit for NBFC’s

Avyaan is a leading security company that provides end-to-end security testing services for NBFC’s. With industry experts and advance tech, we ensure your network is free from vulnerabilities.

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