Utility-Scale Solar Power Plant to Light the Big Industrial Setups

Utility Scale Solar Power Setups

Azure Power was established in the year 2009, andhas emerged as the first independent developer & operator of a utility-scale solar power project in India. It is proud to be an innovator in the development of green technology solutions that are cost-effective &energy-efficient. Azure Power has been able to build not only an energetic team of industry & techno-commercial professionals but also a large solar asset base.

It is astonishing that the energy sun provides to the Earth for 1 hour, could meet the global energy needs for one year! And we can utilize only 0.001 percent of that energy. However, 0.001 percent of sun’s total energy is enough to power even the biggest industrial plants, if captured and stored the right way. Solar power technology is gaining rapid acceptance because electricity is becoming more expensive which results in the high electricity bills. That is why more industriesand governments are moving towards utilizing solar energy to meet their electricity requirements.

Solar power plants accumulate the sun’s power to generate electricity and provide clean power for industries and businesses that help to reduce global carbon emissions. One of the most important reasons that utility-scale solar power plants are gaining popularity is that they are high on productivity as compared to other renewable methods.

Other benefits of solar power include:

· Diverse Applications

· Low Maintenance Costs

· Renewable Energy Source

The term “utility-scale” indicates the amount of power supply that the power plant supply to the grid or network. But the general opinion is that ‘Utility-Scale Solar Power Plant’ is a power plant that supplies renewable energy higher than 1 megawatt (MW).

These types of power plants are installed by the large organizations and the government. The objective of many governments is to install solar panels in maximum buildings. One of the recent examples is the Punjab Government, which set up large solar power plants by using the competent services from Azure Power.

Installing a utility-scale power plant at your industrial setup is a logical choice, considering the increasing cost of electricity. Azure Power not only gives the prompt savings to their customers but also protects them from any rate hikes for a couple of years. Azure Power is one of the leading utility scale solar companies in India that install solar power panels to address the specific requirement of customers.

For further queries and consultation on solar power and solar rooftops, consult Azure Power or visit http://www.azurepower.com/utilities/