> Like 10 years ago I used to be a professional gambler and I really needed WMs.

> You would be amazed by how much virtual machines developed.

Yes, well, that is probably the human nature to avoid something that hurt. I also do not touch Jewish and blue eyed girls from certain times. Good point, I will try to give it a try. With my next computer…

> It’s not as bad as you think. It depends on the context.

I expect my computer is always realtime hacked by NSA and they are being hacked by people like you. And they can do and see whatever they want. I do not expect to have there just a simple keylogger. So they can somehow press the down arrows at each box and steal whatever they want. Yes, it is a paranoia, but I am rather paranoid. They also have some root access so they can see all WMs… somehow (do not forget I am an amateur, so I must expect that much more is possible than it actually is!). So my solution is to have the two computers where nobody knows that I have the second computer.

> Meh, Linux has only a few viruses..

It is not about the viruses. Believe me, it is about the panic, where normal people rather click on the picture than googling and filling something like “-sudo…”. Yes the result is technically the same, people will destroy the software in linux and windows. But at linux we noobs have the panic that we do not know what we do and then the level of stress snowballs. So Windows is better, probably even when they have much more viruses, because you can at least open the browser without being frozen by fear. (And I am the one who started with MS-DOS command lines and ZX Spectrum b4 and still feel this.)

> Yes, I really want to change it. I’m not even near as good as these great experts, like Adam Back or Maxwell, but I think I have a unique sense of style and I can add value with it if I concentrate.

I believe you want and I even believe you are able to. Experts are not that useful when it comes to real life. Renaissance Man is what matters. To be in the middle. Tbh I just exchanged some words with Maxwell. I believe he is learning now under the pressure a lot of other things. But he is autistic as probably all the top devs (and many bad ones). What point is to write Segwit, if one can not push it through and even to serve as straw man?

Soft skills are something extremely annoying and humiliating. So is programming for normal people I believe. But it is the part of the life, it is the getting out of the comfort zone. So since you are doing this it is revolutionary. It is about faith as well — to go somewhere where you know you will never be the best at something, but the best overall.

But the topic touches the Catch22. I strongly believe the way of humanity is to going both deeper (hard skills) and wider (soft skills). Or analysis and synthesis. People are naturally inclining to 1st or the 2nd. But they should try for the opposing. The analytic brains should try to grasp the soft skills, the “politics” etc. And vice versa. Greg just wrote “I need your help”, he wrote it generally, but I believe he needs it personally as well. He can make it, if he forces himself to stop believing what his core:) is. I am just on the final train after a travel around the world to make the final split with my gf that I was for a decade. Yes the split means the split of private keys. So I feel now how it is to cut a part of myself to achieve something not better but probably more complex.

But back to Catch22. I believe that devs who are not the socially awkward people can benefit for their wider development from relationships with the non-devs. Just the non-devs must be non-idiots. Relationships are about initially slow but parabolic growth of trust. I would love even to cook for the best devs and hackers as I do for mine, but I must know that if they hack my computer (ok… after they do that), that they will not abuse it. The revolution is not just the change of the society, after all, the society probably always falls back to stalemate after the passion of revolution vanishes. It is about the change of the revolutionists. Bitcoin and cryptos will be and almost are just another brutal capitalistic drawback. The point of this theatre is elsewhere I believe.

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