We get it. One of your tenants just flooded the kitchen. You have a million other fires to fight. Surely that pile of admin can wait until next week?

Don’t fall prey to the trap! Here are five big reasons bookkeeping is essential to any rental property operation, and why a purpose-built, automated bookkeeping system beats Excel any day.

1. To manage the fundamentals.

Bookkeeping software will help you to pay your bills on time, accurately monitor revenue, and keep tabs on the bottom line. …

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While surfing on Craigslist I see ads for paystubs. Someone or many are creating paystubs that are not real.

Ad states:

Pay Stubs — 1 for $35. 2 for $60. 3 or more $25 each
Landlord verification — Faxed $25. Verbal $30. Written $40
Employment offer letter — $25

Q: Why would someone want this?

A: To convince a landlord to rent them a home or apartment and use these fake paystubs as income verification.

This is very troublesome to read this blog article “8 Tips for How to Make Fake Pay Stubs“

Landlords must use more than one method to verify income as these new scams are dangerous for the due diligence step a landlord must take for every new rental applicant. …

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The hassle of printing a paper application and waiting to get it back from your applicant delays the application process

Picking the right tenant can mean the difference between success and failure as a landlord. Dealing with rental applications is often a source of undue stress for real estate professionals, or property owners.

You just started representing a rental property and you’re getting tons of calls from people interested. …

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