How to Rent Property in Absentee — The Open House

The Law — You as the Landlord

While being an Absentee Landlord has many advantages, there are a few basic disadvantages that can make the process a bit more challenging.

The Law requires that a Licensed Real Estate Professional be available during any showing of the property. This is a both for your protection, and for theirs. Only a licensed Real Estate Professional may show or exhibit the property, discuss terms and conditions of a possible sale or lease, discuss other features of the property, including its location, neighborhood, community or schools, or engage in any other conduct considered solicitation purposes in regards to the property. Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 10131.01(a)(1) and (a)(3).

Craigslist Ads As A Brochure

As an Absentee Landlord, a Licensed Vendor can be hired to take care of this step for you, meeting with potential Tenants either one on one, or during the increasingly popular rental ‘Open House.’Most modern tenants find their future homes by searching online ads, the biggest of which is the giant classified ad site Craigslist. With massive traffic, this site can help a vacancy be filled quickly — if the ad can be seen. Luckily, the Craigslist™ posting platform allows for rich HTML formatting, enabling the creation of an eye catching ad that can added to the site with an upload code — colorful ads that will lead them directly to your property. For the few that fall in love with the unit by ad only, the contact information will lead them directly to your site where they can fill out all needed information immediately, with online application, credit history, and employment history — all of it. For those that want that hands on look, a day can be set aside when your Vendor will meet with future clients (such as a painter doing painting work, who is your observer), show the property, and direct them to the full service, touch screen kiosk you have installed on the kitchen table or counter.

Touch Screen PC’s or Kiosk’s and Online Applications and Credit Screenings

This new wave in the Real Estate market is a boon for any Absentee Landlord. Once the property has been viewed and excitement mounts, applications can be started and completed right there on the kiosk, with no waiting or second thoughts. Application fees can be paid through the secure server, credit reports pulled and employee history verified. With a few key strokes, the contract can be generated and the lease initiated — right then, right there. If the Tenant still needs a bit of time to mull over the offer, Prospect information can be collected at the same Kiosk in the guestbook, saving contact information to be utilized later when the system seamlessly inserts saved data into the agreed upon forms. The types of Kiosks available vary from standalone units like the Dell Optiplex 3030, a full feature touch screen K-lock and portable lock cover, to multi-functional, personal tablets or touch screen computers that are transformed into lockable service kiosks with software.

Now a days an iPad with an internet connection is a simple answer to this. They have nice lockable podium stands.