Use your Rent to build a Credit History Stronger


1) Pay your payment online with our system

2) Once we are notified, we report it to the credit bureau.

3) Viola! Positive credit history is being built!

Yes — it IS that easy! You pay rent anyway, make it work FOR you!

Is this worth it?

In today’s world, credit means everything. If you have a lower score not only do you pay higher interest rates for anything involving credit but you could be denied financing, housing or even a job if your employer requires a good credit history. It pays to create and continue to build a positive credit history. We can help you.

How does build my credit history?

Easy — we report what you are already doing. When you schedule and pay your rent online through our system, we offer you several different options — one of which is to build credit history with rent. This is an opt-in program, meaning you tell us once and we continue to do it for you, every time you even — even if you use our incredibly convenient Auto-Pay feature.

Sign up — Pay the fee for your lease term

We work with your landlord so there is no need to get approval before you sign up. Our system will automatically show you paid rent, making that monthly record keeping even easier. Then approximately on the 20th of the month we send this data to Trans Union. For the fee paid we do this for every month until your lease ends. If you re sign a lease with the same landlord, this service continues.

Enroll in the Credit Building Program

When you schedule your rent payments through our system, simply know your good Credit is reported. We will contact your landlord, confirm — then start building your credit history with every payment you make! The report may indemnify your landlord as the entity reporting this data. We just provide the system that does this.

Sit back — Relax

This may be the easiest and most painless way to build a positive credit history. Once you opt-in, the system does the work for you. We report when you make a payment, which keeps your record up to date with the positive aspects of your financial life. Sign up today, then rest easy, knowing that your rent will be reported, every month — and reported to the credit bureau.

What they say — Sign up now!

Credit Access and Inclusion Act

“Experian research indicates millions of people would have access to credit and increased purchasing power by adding on-time, monthly rental or utility payments to credit reports”

The Experian study found that by including on-time rent payments in credit reports, there was nearly a 50 percent drop in subprime consumers with credit scores* between 300 and 600; a 54 percent increase in consumers considered nonprime with credit scores between 601 and 660; and a 15 percent increase in those with credit scores over 661, generally considered prime.

“Since rent is paid by 67% of American households in the country, including these positive payments in their credit files provides millions of Americans with a way to build their credit history,” said Juillard. The study also found that by adding positive rent payments to their files, consumers moving from subprime to prime could see a dramatic 50 percent drop in interest rates. The lower the consumer’s risk becomes, the lower the modeled interest rate, which leads to lower-cost credit for consumers.