Harley Davidson Biker Leather Jacket: Symbol of Hardcore Biking

Harley Davidson is a name that has become synonymous with high quality and very attractive leather jackets for all men fond of biking. They are so appealing and comfortable that even non bikers love to flaunt them in the outdoors. This Harley Davidson leather jacket for men is simply irresistible because of its stunning looks. It is a black leather jacket with orange color on the shoulders. It has colorful patches all over the body and the sleeves to make it unique and very appealing. You can wear this leather jacket while riding your motorcycle and also in hangouts with your friends.

Bold and stylish just like you
This leather jacket from Harley Davidson has become a symbol of hardcore lovers of biking. The jacket is designed to give you a very bold and stylish look with its dual color tone and all the patches on the front, back, and the sleeves. Harley Davidson is written in a prominent and bold manner on the back with Harley having been written in black color on orange background on the shoulder while Davidson is written in white color over black color. You can find tallow and orange stripes running over the sleeves and the shoulder while a unique orange and white pattern has been given on the sides of this jacket. It is a slim fit jacket that ends at your waistline.

Features of the jacket
• Stand up collar.
• Snap tab button on the collar as well as waist.
• Front zipper.
• Dual color jacket with lots of patches all over.
• Made from genuine leather.
• Viscose lining on the inside for maximum comfort.
• Zipped cuffs.
• Two small snap button pockets on the left sleeve.

If you are a lover of biking, you simply cannot afford not to have this Harley Davidson leather jacket in your wardrobe. You can proclaim your love for biking by simply wearing this jacket in the outdoors. This is a masterpiece jacket that has become a sort of identity for all bike lovers. This genuine leather jacket can be yours for just $190. You can wear this leather jacket irrespective of whether you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle or not. It never fails to catch the attention of other when you move out on your motorcycle. Give a big boost to your personality with the help of this bold and stylish leather jacket from Harley Davidson.

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