11 Essentials When Hosting an Event for Big Groups

hosting an event

A single event can change thousands of lives forever — from the way we think and see things, from the way we live our lives, from the ways we make this world a better place, and from the way we feel towards a person, place, or thing. This is because events have become so much more than celebrating someone’s birthday, a company’s golden anniversary, traditions, and so on and so forth. Most of today’s events are created for the promotion of a certain cause, product, or phenomenon for the benefit of those who are affected by it. In a business sense, events are used to launch or promote products and services to give awareness to the consumers and to ultimately derive more sales. To give you an idea of how to manage an event, here are the core essentials of hosting one:

1. Budget Plan

First things first, list down everything that you need for the event and their monetary value. You can begin by contacting different hotels, minibus rentals, gift shops, agencies and other pertinent places where you can obtain the manpower and the materials you need.

2. Financial Resources

You have to secure a significant amount of money to run an event. You can either propose a budget to your company or obtain sponsorship from other companies. After you’ve obtained the money, the rest is going to follow.

3. Event Goals

Establish a clear goal. Is the event meant to create awareness, to celebrate a certain milestone, or to promote a certain product? Having a clear goal in mind builds the foundation for every decision you make. From the presentations, key speakers, down to the interior design of the venue, the goal is crucial.

4. Target Market

Your guests for the event are inherently your target market. Having a target market helps you decide how the event host is going to address and communicate with them or how the writers are going to do the script for the whole event. For instance, the event host must know how to speak in the language that the guests can understand and the writers must be fluent in writing a seamless script in that language.

5. Timeline of Events

Think of an opening, middle, and a closing. From the opening remarks of the event host down to the closing remarks, everything that happens in between must be able to communicate the purpose and goal of your event.

6. Hotel Accommodations

Make sure to book hotel rooms for your foreign and local guests that are coming from distant places. Hire a minibus charter to pick them up from the airport and drop them off at the hotel.

7. Event’s Place Reservations

Reserve a venue for your event. It can take weeks or even months to reserve a certain venue since many of these rooms are also being reserved by other event organisers. Plan ahead and reserve as soon as possible.

8. Parking Reservations

Reserve parking slots for your local guests. There is no need to worry about the foreigners and locals from distant places because the minibus charter can pick them up and drop them off at your specific instructions.

9. Event Publicity

If you are hosting a public event, you can take advantage of social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and Instagram. You can hire a videographer for a moving picture and graphic designers for poster ads. But if it is a private event, a formal invitation is going to suffice.

10. Transportation Services

To ensure the attendance of your guests, hire a minibus rental that can bring them to your venue and back to their pick-up point. There are a lot of transportation companies that offer this great deal and some of them have websites you can access using your desktop or smartphone.

11. Giveaways

What’s an event without the giveaways? You can present these as awards for the best dressed, the first guest who arrived at the venue, the best speaker, and so on. But giveaways can be put on the table so that every guest gets a free gift.

You have to be creative and resourceful in the whole process because making an event happen requires a lot of decision-making and resources can be very limited. Make the most of out the experience and get to enhance your project management skills in the process.