4 Ways on How to Choose the Right Type of Funeral Service Singapore

Leatrice Marie Ross
2 min readJun 29, 2016


It is difficult to bid goodbye to your departed loved ones. From the moment of their death up to the cremation or burial, it seems like the pain will never end. But life must go on. And one of the things you do to move on during mourning is to look for a funeral service provider. You have to face reality and give proper tribute to the deceased person. It will not be easy but it can be possibly done with the following tips on picking a funeral provider. Here we discuss effective ways on how to choose the right type of funeral provider.

1. Conduct a background check. Spare few minutes or an hour in selecting funeral service providers. Visit their websites and go to their testimonials page if they have one to get some feedback about their services. However, reviews and testimonials on the provider’s site are self-serving; hence, you can search for comments, reviews, and insights on blog posts or forums.

2. Determine the funeral cost. The cost of the Singapore funeral includes basic services, additional services, and cash advances. The basic services fee is inclusive of the required services and overhead costs related with those services. This fee is actually paid for the necessary paperwork, securing permits, getting a copy of the death certificate, storing the remains, and coordinating the arrangements with the cemetery if the deceased will be buried or crematory if the body will be cremated.

If you have sufficient budget, you can avail additional funeral service Singapore such as embalming and the use of funeral home for viewing. You can also request for a burial clothing, casket, or urn. There’s also an option of renting a limousine or other modes of transportation.

3. Ask if the provider allows clients to personalise a funeral Singapore service. During the last moments of your loved one here on Earth, you might want it to be personalised by bringing his or personal items into the funeral home and display them in or near the casket or coffin. If such provider allows you to do so, then it might be the right provider for your funeral needs.

4. Choose a funeral service provider that is very open when it comes to communication. There are different concerns to be addressed when someone dies like the social security and death benefits. You may humbly ask the provider if they are willing to assist you with securing these benefits or aid you in completing the paperwork.

For the family who is left behind, a funeral provides a place for them and their relatives, friends, and colleagues to gather and reminisce. Hence, it is important to give your loved ones a proper and appropriate funeral.