5 Tips on Choosing Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

The furniture you decide to put outside of your home can tell a lot about your personality and sense of style. It can tell by the type of furniture you pick and the design that comes along with it. But other than your personal preferences, the furniture can also change the way your patio looks. If your outdoor space was once a dull area in your home, it can totally look different once you put the furnishings of your choice. There’s plenty to choose from and to help you get past this stage, here’s a list to guide you:

1. What’s it for?
Before you hop in and out of furniture shops or look into galleries, you got to decide why you’re buying an outdoor furniture in the first place and what purpose it has in the future. This mostly depends on your personality. If you’re the type who wants to be alone, then buying a lounge chair is enough. But if you want to use the patio for social gatherings, then it’s advisable to get a sofa or dining set. Again, it depends on the use.

2. How big is your space?
Second, consider the amount of space you have. The consultants or experts in this particular field are going to ensure that the furniture you acquire fits just right in your available space. These days, people who are living in a flat usually prefer modern outdoor furniture because the material for this is thin which comes in handy for small spaces. The bulkier ones are the go-to furniture for landed properties since these homes have bigger space.

3. What materials do you prefer? To give you and idea of what these are, read through the following:
A. Wicker — These are made out of pliable twigs (natural or synthetic) that are woven together to form various types of furniture, mostly wicker chairs. The material is very lightweight which makes it easy to move around the patio and at the same time very easy to clean. It comes in light or dark shades of brown or neutral colours like white, grey, and black.

B. Wood — Various types of wood are used to make furniture and for the longest time, it’s the most sturdy and low maintenance of all. The best choices of wood for outdoor furniture are oak, cedar, teak, pine, and eucalyptus.

C. Resin — This material is a synthetic organic polymer that is commonly used to produce chairs and tabletops. Similar to wood, resin furniture is extremely durable and low maintenance. All you have to do is wipe it with a dry cloth and it’s clean. It usually goes in white and is predominantly placed in swimming pool areas.

D. Aluminum — This material is the most abundant type of metal in the earth’s crust. It’s high resistance to corrosion and qualities of being lightweight and strong has led to its widespread production of furniture. Modern outdoor furniture are usually made in this material because the finished products are irresistibly stylish and pleasingly simple.

E. Wrought Iron — This material is heavy which makes it ideal for places with strong winds. The designs for this material look genuinely lavish and such is the case for its high maintenance preventive care against rusting.

F. Concrete — This is the heaviest and sturdiest material there is. If you want a furniture that is immovable and long-lasting, this one’s perfect.

4. What’s your budget?
The furniture’s price depends on the brand, material, and design. The best deals are more affordable than you think and have great quality as well. Ask for referrals or find the furniture shops that sell these items.

5. Have you found the furniture shop that sells the furniture you need?
Some companies that sell furniture have online sites that you can look into. They have galleries that showcase all sorts of patio furniture and they provide their contact information in case you have enquiries. Other than searching online, you can always ask for referrals since everyone essentially buys furniture at some point in their lives.

These are five of the tips that have helped many consumers find and purchase the perfect furniture for their homes. So be sure to carry these in mind and have a happy shopping trip!