Choosing the Perfect Bag for Your Prom

Everybody wants to stand out during their prom night, their only excuse to get all dolled up with their friends, ready for a delightful night of socialising with their peers. Finding the perfect dress might have been a challenge that took forever, and now, you should be on your way to finding the perfect complementary accessory, your prom bag. Your prom bag should be functional enough to carry all your necessities, and at the same time, add an extra touch of glamour to your look! They say that a lady feels incomplete without a purse in tow, and they couldn’t be more right. So without any further ado, here are some tips to guide you in choosing the perfect bag for your prom!
Size and Shape
Tote bags in Singapore as well as other unconventional styles are in-demand nowadays for their stylish flair, but are definitely not appropriate for the prom! Formal events call for smaller bags which look more elegant and tasteful, such as a clutch, a minaudière, wristlets, or other smaller hand or shoulder bags. Your best bet would be to go for a rectangular, circular, or box clutch for a more structured and polished look. Avoid bulking up the bag and just carry the essentials such as your phone, lipstick, comb, mirror, cards, cash, and keys. If you really must carry a lot of stuff to your prom, then get a slightly larger clutch or shoulder bag to keep your necessities. You could browse around online, bags in Singapore are aplenty and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect size that fits your needs just right!
Dark Dresses

You definitely would want to stay away from something too monotonous for your prom ensemble. Though it could work, a black dress shouldn’t be paired with a black clutch. The idea is to make your outfit pop, so choose a bag in a contrasting colour such as silver or gold for a more classic look. If you are more adventurous, then you could go for brights such as fuchsia pink or rich red, but make sure that it comes in the same texture as your dress. If you really want to go for the safe side and stick with a black purse, then make sure it has some accents to make it stand out such as sparkly beadwork or jewels.
Bright-coloured Dresses
If you will be wearing a bright dress, go for an evening bag in a toned down colour. Bright-coloured dresses especially those of jewel tones would look best when matched with metallics such as gold, silver, or pearly white. Carrying a bag in another bright colour would be overkill and could badly ruin your attire instead of looking glam.
Patterned Dresses
Since your dress is already as eye-catching as it needs to be, tone down your choice of bag by choosing one in a solid colour from the colour palette of your dress. Print on print might be too loud to handle, so it is best to stay safe in this case.
The material of your clutch bag would totally depend on what pairs well with your dress. The safest and classic material to pair with for a prom dress would be satin, silk, and leather. Beads, fur, velvet, and sequins would also be great, but make sure that your dress is not fully embellished from head to toe, or else, these materials would look too overpowering. Evening bags made of plastic look chunkier and more fashionable to some, but it would really depend on your personal style. Knit and embroidered bags could be a little less formal but could work too in some cases, when your dress calls for it.
Finding the perfect purse or clutch bag in Singapore doesn’t need to be stressful. Choose a price range that you are comfortable with and start your quest from there. Hopefully with these tips, you can find the perfect bag for one of the most enchanting nights of your life!