Different Types of Leather Sofa

black leather sofa

Although there are different sofas that are produced using several materials, the leather ones are still one of the top choices of most homeowners. It is because leather sofa has a distinctive and classy look that can make any room more beautiful and elegant. The leather material can turn anything into stunning pieces that are loved by most people. Like any other materials, leather has its own types that are different from one another on how they look, the process they are made, and even their prices. Below are the different types of leathers that can be the material used for sofas.


Bicast leather is also known as PU coated leather. It is a type that consists of thin layer of split leather. It is sometimes call as PU coated leather because it is coated with polyurethane. A sofa that comes in bicast leather is stain-resistant because of the chemical coating it. Many homeowners prefer this type of leather since imperfections can be easily hidden and it has a beautiful texture that can easily attract anyone. It also does not develop a patina or change its appearance over time.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather sofa in Singapore is made from vinyl combined with leather fibres and other synthetic resources. Although sofas with this type of leather can easily be maintained and durable, bonded leather is not a true leather product. It is the reason why bonded leather sofas are cheaper compared to the ones with pure leathers. Despite of this, only leather experts can distinguish it as not real leather because it definitely looks real for most people. Bonded leather is perfect for people who want to have leather sofa but not willing to shell out a lot of money.

Faux Leather

Another alternative for people who want to have a leather Singapore sofa but do not have enough budget, faux leather type is the answer. It is obviously not made out of authentic materials but it can do its magic as being a statement piece in your home. Faux leather is made out of vinyl and often called as pleather. It looks like an authentic leather and can mimic its texture. Faux leather sofas can be maintained using cleaning solutions that must be suitable for it. Although there are different forms of faux leather, they cannot be cleaned using same solutions or methods. In addition, the lifespan of this leather cannot be assured to last long. Make sure to ask the manufacturer on what type of solution you must use and the proper way on how to clean it.

Italian Full-Grain Leather

If you want to own the best sofa in Singapore, make sure it is made out of Italian full-grain leather because it is considered as the highest quality. All the layers of the hide are used to make the Italian full-grain leather. However, like other types of leather, full-grain has also its own cons. It is the most expensive type and can be the hardest to maintain. Patina can be developed in this type but can improve with age because of its high quality. It can also last for more than 30 years without wearing out. Just make sure that you take care of it properly to maintain its beauty and quality.