Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Theme

wedding couple

He got on one knee, you got the ring, and soon, the planning of the “fairy tale” begins. Everyone wants a really beautiful and memorable wedding, but most of the time, couples don’t know where to start. Even before engagement, some brides-to-be unconsciously envision their dream dress, the food, the dreamy venue setup, the music, and even the wedding photography packages. Singapore weddings stand out for the fact that there are many world-renowned suppliers and charming venues, but of course, to distinguish the celebration of your matrimony, you must clearly define your theme. Here are some tips on how to!

1. List down things that you and your partner loves.
No matter what they say, the wedding should always be about the bride and the groom. Sit down with your partner and think about all the things that you both love. From colours, to sports teams, to movies, to events, to favourite food and drinks, and favourite cities. Tell your partner what you observe from their habits and choices, and ask them about what they notice when it comes to you. A couple of heart to heart brainstorming sessions like this enriches your bond and will surely help in building the bigger picture for your wedding day.

2. Determine your budget.
Many couples get excited in the planning process that they tend to overlook the budgeting process. Surely, everyone wants to have their dream wedding, but everything comes with a cost, even the little things could add up to thousands of dollars. For many, it’s all about the reception venue, for some, the dress, and for others, the video and wedding photography packages. Singapore has so many wedding suppliers around a variety of budgets, so you’re sure to find one within your means. Experienced couples truly know that wedding planning apparently leads to overspending, so it’s best to prioritise according to what you want, allocate resources properly, and keenly keep track of your expenses to stay within budget.

3. Secure the venue and the date, and start from there.
Many believe that the venue, out of all things, must be secured first and foremost, and everything else will follow. It makes sense though, because once you have set the venue, naturally it comes with the date, and from then on you can decide on the theme and colours of your wedding. Beach weddings can revolve simply on a beach theme with summery colours such as turquoise, mint, sky blue, coral, baby pink, or yellow. Weddings held during the colder months can work around jewel tones, as well as blush and silver. Garden weddings would obviously lead to a theme with florals and greens. Generally, the venue will be the main determining factor of a wedding theme.

4. Get inspiration.
Some of us might not have seen the advantage of Pinterest, but now is the time to realise that. Get wedding inspiration for themes, colours, decors, souvenirs, wedding dresses, and basically everything that you can think of. Browsing through other people’s weddings can really help you figure out what you like and don’t like, allowing you to define your style and preferences. It now boils down to whether or not you’ll be arranging the wedding details by yourself or hiring a planner to make it come together.

With many picturesque locations and an abundance of suppliers, there’s nothing like holding your wedding in Singapore. Wedding photography packages, all-inclusive hotel packages, wedding planner packages, and all other bundled packages are the more practical choice because these are bought in bulk from the supplier and sold to you at a lower price by the vendor. The great thing is that most of them allow you to fully customise the details of your wedding with their wide inventory of supplies. You can even just ask your vendor to recommend a theme for you since they are much experienced in the industry. Choosing a theme and planning a wedding need not be stressful, it just needs proper coordination and organised details.