An Egg “Cooked“ To Order

How techniques of artificial insemination and egg-freezing are influencing women’s lifestyle in today’s society

Nearly daily, new medical technologies are discovered which contribute to our lifestyle in a positive way. Through medical options in the 21st century, women’s family planning has been taken to a whole new level.

Times have changed. We are living in a society where women have become much more independent. We are living in a society where women take over leaderships and formerly male job positions. We are living in a society where career and family have completely different levels of meaning than they had years ago. How Susan Anthony once said: “Independence is happiness.“ Self-fulfillment has taken an important place in female lives and has further moved family planning in the background; For good reasons: The artificial options of medicine can help us at any point of time. At least, that’s what women nowadays believe in.

From the day the first in-vitro fertilization, which is the most common technique of artificial insemination, was successfully performed, the medicine has continued research in this field sequential and not even only broadened the classic techniques, but also developed a punch of new methods and additional strategies. Today, there is a huge amount of artificial insemination techniques which are inserted depending on the woman’s specific condition. In addition, egg-freezing, which is meant to save woman’s fertile eggs for later on, is becoming a very common solution of independent family planning in our society.

So, women are more and more prioritizing their career and success over family planning. And suddenly, they are over 40 and have the longing to start a family. At this point our body often does not agree with this way of life planning. And that’s where artificial insemination and other methods of family realization such as egg-freezing are changing the way society approaches and lives their lives — They give women the opportunity to have a better control over their lives; not depending on the time or necessarily the right partner, but mainly on themselves.

While at the first place, artificial insemination was supposed to help woman who struggled with getting pregnant, caused by a certain disease, it’s become more of a “lifestyle trend“ today. Our society experiences that women are very self-empowered, which is the reason why they often do not even think about starting a family in their best years of fertility. 
Dr. Heinz Strohmer (2014), an Austrian artificial insemination specialist and gynecologist, explains the increasing demand of artificial insemination methods and egg-freezing in the following way: “It’s not only that women are more empowered and want to go their own way in life without noticing that their fertility descends, but also that artificial insemination has lost its taboo subject. Women are more willing to become pregnant through medical help. It’s mainly recognized by today’s society. Some countries even give financial aids to support their desire of having children.“

All credits to: Genetic Literacy Project

Getting pregnant through medical support has helped today’s women to figure out more easily what they really want in life. Facebook, Apple, and many other big enterprises worldwide are even offering their female employees to freeze their eggs earlier, so that they can put their career at the first place and focus on family planning later on. According to Facebook, they also support their female employees with adoption and surrogacy assistance. Due to these options, big enterprises have the chance to employ more women and keep them in their job positions for longer — It’s a win-win solution.

These medical opportunities even offer new possibilities for women in advanced ages, but we also have to face the fact that we cannot rely for 100% on all these artificial insemination options. Sometimes women believe too strongly in these techniques to be carried out successfully, whenever they need it, and are then disappointed at the last place. Believe it, the human’s health condition still plays a big role in these artificial processes.

But at the end of the day, we are thankful for the opportunities medicine offers us and hope for a still positive development of supportive technologies. It’s important to give women the opportunity to unfold and put themselves at the first place — artificial insemination and egg-freezing helps us in this case much more than we think.