That’s me — Superbasic, But Supercool

Hi, I’m Lea, Twenty years old. I love traveling and I’m completely passionate about languages. At school, I was “The one who loved latin“. My family, friends and my home-country Austria (sometimes a bit patriotic) means a lot to me, although my second home are the Netherlands and I’m in love with a lot of other countries. Currently, I’m a student of International Communication Management in the wonderful city of peace and justice, The Hague. Later on I would like to be a wedding planner in order to contribute positively to the happiest day of people’s life. I’m super good in overthinking things. As I thought for a long time that I would study medicine, I’m familiar with the topic of artificial insemination. I love cooking, but I love eating more. People who love food are always the best people. Cheers!

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