Imagination 3.0

Augmented intelligence is the introduction to perpetual epiphany. Determining the direction, way-points and destinations of this technology require evolved utilization of human thinking. Predicting the outcome and impact of augmented intelligence kindles the importance and mastery of human imagination. Therefore our approach to thinking must evolve. If you want a window into this transformation look to companies like Sparkcognition or Cognitivescale. Your imagination will be enhanced.

What is possible becomes a definable, malleable and flexible term entirely dependent upon the limits of our apparently limitless ability to dream. How then may we provide acceptable prognostication within this area for which words have not yet been invented? Through educating, inspiring, encouraging and effectively using collective imagineering. The entire business ecosystem from customer to entrepreneur becomes part of the development team. We become the fluid sharers, respecters and rewarders of our treasure trove of day-dreamers. Who knows where this tech will lead? Perhaps to the realization of our most magical and achievable dreams.

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