I did, that was the one I was referring to actually.
David Gilbertson

“I did, that was the one I was referring to actually.”

Well, it’s hard for anyone to know what you were actually referring to, since you didn’t really credit any prior art in this area. No, mentioning that you read some articles and got confused does not count.

“It’s clever, but it’s hacky.”

It’s extensible, easy to modify, short, and does not require any JavaScript. But somehow it’s hacky because you’re uncomfortable with stroke-dasharray?

“Those slices aren’t discrete elements, which means no hover, click, or accessibility if I wanted to extend my use case.”

You must have skimmed it then, not read it, since I do mention that you can add more circle elements with different dash offsets for more colors. These *are* discrete elements and can have different hover effects. A natural extension of this would be to split the 2-color pie chart into 2 circle elements as well if you want hover effects and the like.

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