I don’t know how it came to me originally. It might have been that at the time I lived in Kansas City, where the beautiful Country Club Plaza district had been inspired by the Andalusian city. Or maybe it was some random discovery that the following year — in 1992 — the modern day equivalent of the World’s Fair (Expo ‘92) was to be held there. I really can’t say. …

Broken-hearted Passerby

All of these lives.

Sometimes they bump into each other. Even collide.

But more often they blindly, blurrily go past. Quiet. Ashen. Fluid and endless.

I’m not in the middle, or just near any edge. Only a broken-hearted passerby, fumbling with an introduction.

The way the world looks from the sky, everything is so small. Even understandable.

Tiny, silver, terra firma stars amid shadows pressing skyward past smoke rising off of things that seem purple.

It’s quiet, and beautiful, and intricate.

Just like up close.

Clasping palms, with fingers interlaced and the innocent brushing of fingerprints. Looking into black eyes…

Today is the anniversary of when I was asked to give you back to the stars. Since that day, I have strived to find somewhere to place all of this love that you left with me. I have been trying, desperately, to propel all of it out, from trickles to gushes – to grant it out into a world that is sometimes reluctant to receive it. And even after five years, it’s no use. The well of love I draw from will never, ever be empty. It’s clear, I will never be able to love enough.

And so now, all…

Burnt dirt. Sourness and fermentation. An intoxicating rot from something that was new not so long ago.

From the hilltop, the rattles and cries had cascaded down in search of the riverbank, bouncing off trees and sifting through smoke and brush. Earlier, goats and cattle, their adorned shepherds, and women peering under darkened, ochre brows crisscrossed roads only occasionally disturbed by vehicles.

The route had turned from chopped up rocky trails to a dry riverbed prone to flash floods during the rainy season. …

patrick hayes

Restless sojourner. Tireless inquirer. Awkward extrovert. Slow poet. Sucker. Scientist. Sap.

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