Lea, you are a writer on Black Lives Matter?
Jay Ho

Hi Jay,

Thanks for writing.

Lea, you are a writer on Black Lives Matter?” No, I am not a writer “on” Black Lives Matter. I do not write on behalf of them, nor do I cover them in any journalistic capacity (I am not a journalist anymore, either). If you’ve read my profile on Medium, you’d see that the few writings that I’ve published are not specifically related to Black Lives Matter at all, and some instead deal with my personal experiences as a Chinese-American.

But, are you very familiar with Asian American culture, and do you spend a lot of time in networking with our diverse Chinese communities and people”? Thanks for asking me about my background. I will try my best not to interpret it negatively as a question of whether I can legitimately represent a viewpoint (or a “Chinese-American” viewpoint), based on my “race credentials.” But here they are anyway: both my parents immigrated from China in the 1970s, escaping poverty and the Cultural Revolution. I grew up in San Diego and attended public school there, where at least a third of the kids were Asian-American, and many of them were my friends or acquaintances. After college, I lived in Beijing for 4 years, where I worked in journalism and finance, and conducted myself in both Chinese and English. Many of my closest friends are Chinese-American or Asian-American, and I have no doubts that one of the factors (out of many) for our friendship is our shared experiences of being Asian-American in America.

There’s nothing incorrect for him to share the importance of protecting us and our future by standing up and voice in this land of freedom.” I can agree with this general premise, but much of the specific argumentation was flawed. The safe future that I envision is a world where all policemen who commit manslaughter against innocent people are held accountable, regardless of their race.

It’s better for us to be inclusive and respectful while we live with differences.” I would challenge you to point out what exactly about my response is not inclusive or respectful. Are you asking me to write the words “I respectfully disagree”?

“Don’t judge others” Welcome to the Internet. When you, Steve or I post things online we are all implicitly asking other people to form judgments about what we write. Only through the process of judging each other can we have a healthy conversation.

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