The planet is suffering, so where and what is sustainability in Fashion?

With climate crisis and extreme weathers happening more frequently across the globe,have you ever thought that your shopping and dressing habit is part of the problem?

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The heartbreaking video of textile waste floating in Ghana shows the tip of the iceberg of the very real problems of what the fast fashion system and our consumer habits have produced.Biodiversity, Human rights,overconsumption. These are all problems we have to tackle and we need to take action now.

A survey of ethical sustainable fashion by Mckinsey on what they felt was most important in a sustainable product, with sustainable materials and traceability leading the pack.The case for ethical consumption of fashion has never been stronger.

source credit Mckinsey

Whilst some prioritize recycled and regenerative materials, others consider their carbon footprints and labor aspects in their supply chain.

Along the way we will be documenting these issues within the Fashion Industry and hope you will learn something new along the journey with us!

For a start,here are our top 5 resources for your learning today!

@ Slowfactory
@ Theorispresent
@ Earthrisestudio
@ Fashion_Revolution
@ future_dust

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