Échappée Volée 2018 : The manifesto

The period we are living can either be seen as an end of History or considered as a fascinating and vertiginious exponential growth. Today we are going through a transition phase that has never been so fast. Consequently, there is an urgent need to understand and act in the short and long-term, as we are facing major challenges in a transformation period that will last decades.

We, the Échappée members, have come together to form a community of actors dedicated to change, and which gathers diverse sensibilities and specialties. We are convinced that new ideas and the energy we need to develop them are located at the margins of our skills areas. We address each and everyone, voluntary, ambitious, pragmatic and open, beyond social status or responsibilities to constantly invent, create and participate in the advent of a better world.

Each year, L’Échappée Volée gathers its attendees around new discoveries, ideas and outstanding personalities. It aims at highlighting great potentials who deserve to be supported as they contribute to invent a new world. It builds bridges between businesses, schools, universities, artists, researchers, scientists, technology experts, governments and media. The Échappée Volée is to talent development what TED is to ideas spreading. It helps to confront our convictions, to experiment, to build bonds, to understand the world we live in, to learn, to develop new talents, to acquire new skills in order to engage concretely in innovative projects serving the common good.

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