LEARN : the first pillar of L’Échappée Volée

The methodology designed by Brightness allows L’ Échappée Volée’s participants to learn to innovate for the common good — in an effective, inspiring, fun, surprising and engaging way.

The first pillar of Brightness methodology is “learning”. The first objective of L’Échappée Volée is to feed the curiosity of its participants and turn it into an opportunity to acquire new skills. It will help them to engage in the transformation of their organization and beyond.

The process developed by Brightness is based on five pillars. It is divided into specific activities, which are designed to meet educational objectives. L’Échappée Volée follows a determined schedule where multi-tasking is forbidden at every stage. It is thus not a traditional event in its form and intention. It rethinks traditional acculturation and training programs in the same way that TED redesigned the academic conferences’ format. It is based on different event formats and designed to respond to the various stages of the educational process : surprising experiences, talks, pitches, controversies, workshops, masterclasses, Q& A, agoras, firechats, interactive meals, artistic performances, labs, etc.

Learning methodology by Brightness.

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