How to lose weight in three points

I want to share this because I used to be pretty fat.

If diets worked we would all be thin. QED.

Point #1 : Diets are a temporally improvement paid with some dangerous future consequences. Diets will make you fatter in the long term. Actually, diets are worse than useless, they are harmful.

Practical application : Close that crazy Dukan book, learn wisdom, drink more water and eat 5 fruits or vegetables a day.

The problem is not about how you know you should eat, it’s about how your brain wishes you to eat.

Point #2 : Fat storing and appetite are unconsciously triggered by your brain, and chemically regulated. You need to free your mind from the unpleasant sides of your emotional relationship with food. Make food your partner of happiness, not decadence.

Practical application : Do yoga, sport, or whatever that makes you relax about food and life in general. Go find peace, now.

Long term weight loss is like learning how to ride a bicycle.

Point #3 : Because willpower is not an infinite resource, you need clear and simple guidelines. The less willpower you use, the more natural it becomes. It’s when you feel like something is obvious and automatic that it means your brain durably rewired itself.

Practical application : Eat much slower, pay attention, and listen to your body’s true hunger. Stop eating in time, but don’t deprive you.