Would you also like to give money away to mafia if they would protect you?
Filip Poutintsev

  1. As I said, my country gives me real benefits that would not be possible without taxation. I’m not blind to the shortcomings of my government, but I can be objective enough to appreciate what I get and what I would not get without them. I believe in a redistribution of wealth as has been obtained by the workers through the 19th century through revolutions. Socialism. For the record, not communism. Not saying you have to believe in this system, just saying I do. I would probably also not believe in it had a grown up in a country where the government does not look after its citizens. I was lucky to do so. The maffia comparison is preposterous in my case.
  2. If you look at the actual numbers from scientific studies, crime has been steadily decreasing since the 50 or 60s all over the world. However, the feeling of insecurity has increased drastically due to increased media coverage. Being from Europe, I can assure you the day to day interaction with what you call an invasion of illegal immigrants is barely noticeable. Terrorism is on the decline. Not saying there is not room for improvement and one should not ignore the problems that are mentioned in the media, but once in a while it is useful to detach emotional response from rational analysis.
  3. Immigrants have to go through a great lot of effort to get the same benefits as local people. Illegal immigrants don’t get any benefits. I don’t know in which country they do? The minimum support to survive one gets when fleeing once country out of economic or political reasons is just common human decency to me. After that, they still have to go through all the legal loopholes to get social benefits.

In all this, I can understand you have a different feeling towards immigration and the role of government due to your own different personal experiences.

I respect that.

Your country is not mine. I’ll keep your thoughts in mine if I ever have to travel in your country and interact with your government.

I just hope you can see things are not always as black and white depending on where you are.

Especially after you had the change to travel around in so many different countries.

Cheers :)

PS: Quick type up, so I’m sorry if some sentences are unclear or if my thoughts are not conveyed properly.