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To each their own.

I, for one, love that my country taxes me greatly. That’s what allows my government to provide healthcare that does not discriminate between the poor and the rich. I never have to wonder if I should or should not go to the hospital.

Not saying social democracy (for lack of a better term) is the best, but it’s what suits me amongst what’s out there.

I imagine you are in favour of a libertarian political system?

I agree that some Europeans (both western and eastern) are not the most welcoming to foreigners. But immigration is happening, whether you like it or lot. So I hope one can improve what’s broken, rather than reject it as whole, longing for a past that can and will not come back. I cannot recall any totalitarian system that did not collapse.

Yet, I’m happy for you that you could experience different countries and find out what you prefer. And all the better it’s a place you are, by definition, most welcomed.

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