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Good day, folks.

Back on my old site (and yes, I’ll get that content merged into current iteration someday… theoretically), I wrote up a contact information page that included an absurdly long-winded list of comms options available to get ahold of me.

The (moderately twee) in-joke of that is that there’s been a tendency, over the years, of some people to blurt out that it’s “difficult” to get in touch with me. Actually, except when I’m incarcerated (on whatever the most recent pretext is — which varies stochastically over the years), I’m about the easiest person in the…

Cone of Silence

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Back in 2010, when the entirely-imaginary story of my “beastiality farm” (yes, often spelled that way) was made up by a squadron of local and federal cops of various shades & flavours, newspapers around the world — handed this made-up narrative by those corrupt cops, and all too happy to run with it — published front-page articles about the story (“story,” really, because not a reality-based story but more like a “face that launched a thousand ships” kind of story) — and about me.

Lots of articles, in lots of newspapers. If you were clicking on the…

I am… Uniquely Dangerous (srsly?)

Back in early 2013 (if memory serves), I was undertaking one of a seemingly-endless series of phone interviews with investigative journalist Carreen Maloney. During that particular discussion, I was holding forth on the absurd misrepresentations and outright lies that were included in various filings that “The United States of America” (through Assistant U.S. Attorneys, and in particular through AUSA Susan Roe) had submitted in my various federal court appearances during more than seven years of ‘supervised release’ by the Feds.

There’s really too many of those lies to list here, else things would bog down…

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