Attention Dubliners: We are all being spied on by a little known company on Camden Street… and…
Youssef Sarhan

I posted this on Lovin Dublin also as you posted this fake news there also.
Please amend your article or better still, remove it.. Articles like this serve no purpose other than to receive clicks to your site, which is fine, you also receive revenue from advertising and technology such as this is entwined with where a lot of your revenue comes from, the truth does not matter apparently, We live in an age where massive amounts of information is at our fingertips, These type’s of stories do nothing but prey on the fears we all have around our privacy be it online and or in our daily lives, The article by Youssef Sarhan is the epitome of fake news and as such how are we the reader of such drivel to take anything you publish with any ounce of truth, as can be seen from the comments on various pages where this article has been shared, reactions of people range from just avoiding looking at the screens to downright vandalism of same, your playing with peoples livelihoods here, its no laughing matter. The MD of Orb was quite clear in his statement on their website and they have now been backed up by the data commissioner (Press release below). you still have not addressed it.
Lovin Dublin and sites such as yours have a massive responsibility towards the public who log in everyday to read about the world and articles such as this have no place in proper journalism.
Your article could have been written differently but you decided to sensationalise it for reasons that are obvious to anyone with a brain capable of critical thinking.

The Press Release on the use of Facial Detection Technology in Advertising.

“The Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has recently received a number of queries from members of
the public and the media on digital advertisement screens in public spaces. In particular, concerns
have been raised about how facial detection technology is being used to determine the
advertisements and images to be displayed to individuals on these screens.
The DPC’s assessment to date is that the technology being used involves the use of facial detection
technology only, with advertising display images being determined during the period while the
individual is within the range of the camera.
These screens do not involve the use of facial recognition technology; that is, the technology being
used does not involve the recording, analysis, matching, profiling or storage of personally identifiable
Accordingly, the data controller obligations of the operators of these digital advertisement screens
are being met.
Facial detection technology typically involves detecting the presence of a human face, with some
general classification of the individual’s facial characteristics (for example, gender or age range).
Facial recognition technology typically involves identifying the presence of a unique individual’s face,
by matching to specific personal data that is already stored for that unique individual (for example,
biometric identification using iris recognition).
The Data Protection Commissioner will continue to monitor how this technology evolves in its
capability and in how it is implemented, including data controllers’ compliance with their data
protection obligations.
Any individuals with queries or concerns on specific installations of this technology should contact

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