“I know One day eventually Yeah, I know One day I’ll have to let it all go But I keep it just in case Yeah, I keep it just in case” . Hope. Hope is the everlasting emotion. It gives us humans something worth fighting for ; especially with something so tender and special as love.

Demi lovato song, incase, is the meaning of what it feels like when you truly love someone. In her song she says “I say that you can love me again Even if it isn’t the case” that little amount of hope. Her trying. Not giving up. Thats love.

July 2014. The date i met the true love of my life. Love? Is truly the death of us.Earlier i stated that me and my boyfriend are lost. Lost isnt even the word. I actually dont know where i should begin.

But i know where im ending. In the military. Alone. After 2 years. But just incase , i still will be coming home a year later looking for him. Just incase.

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