LED fleet registration is the key to accurate counts

2 min readAug 27, 2022


What exactly is “LED fleet”? By this designation we at LEDeCO₂ mean a list of your screens, so that we can calculate a completely accurate Eco identification and exactly how much you have saved on LEDeCO₂ by identifying. Without these parameters this would not be possible.

Let’s take an example. You are a small company operating 16 LED screens in a small country. Each screen has its own parameters.

List of LED fleet for our company

Very important parameters to calculate the Eco identification are Placement (Indoor/Outdoor), LED Area, Hours in which the screen is operated, Consumption per m² (read in your datasheets), Electricity cost per kWh, Minimum (night) and Maximum luminance. In order to determine when the sun sets and what exposure it is in, it is also necessary to know the approximate position of the screen for the automatic calculation.

Basic parameters for LED fleet

Once you have entered these details, the last step remains. The algorithm needs to know on which screens the identified spot is displayed and how many. Also in which date interface. Is it only being displayed day/week/month?

File setup for Eco identification

And that’s all, folks! Once you’ve run the identification, you’ll know as accurately as possible how much it costs to display the file on your screens, and exactly how much you’ve saved by optimizing it.
Of course, it works without that, too. Identification and optimization works perfectly well without these parameters. However, you will only learn the percentage values.

More info at https://ledeco2.org

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