Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. — Advantages and Disadvantages of Hearing Aids

Do you have hearing loss? Wondering whether you should buy hearing aids or not? If so, one way to make your decision is by weighing out the pros and cons of wearing hearing aids.

Aside from its primary benefit of improving the hearing of the user, hearing aids has a lot more advantages. Here are some of them:
Hearing aids amplify the start and stops of the high pitched sounds that are common speech. It makes it easier for people with hearing loss to distinguish sounds like “th” or “s” from one another.
● It is available in plenty of styles and configurations.

● Because of advance technology, hearing aids, nowadays, can detect the voice you are trying to listen to, making it easier for you to listen when on a noisy background. 
● It improves a hard of hearing person’s mental health. Hearing aids can help avoid depression and social isolation.
Hearing aids can also help boost the physical well-being of a person with hearing loss. It can help them feel less tired and more focused.

On the other hand, here are some of the disadvantages of wearing hearing aids:
Hearing aids are expensive. A brand new, high quality hearing aid could 12,000 php to 40,000 php.
● There is a potential discomfort if hearing aids are not fitted properly. 
You have to keep in mind that you have perform maintenance on your hearings aids to avoid causes of malfunction, like removing earwax that has built up.
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