Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. — Hearing Aid Summer Maintenance

Summertime is upon us once again. It is almost the time of the year to soak up in the sun, go on outings with family and friends and swim in the cool, refreshing water.

But before making any road trip plans and hitting the beach it is important that you remember that tiny device in your ear that’s helping your hear a lot clearer. Your hearing aid can easily be damaged during this season because of all the activities that you are planning on doing.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in the sun, though. You just have to make sure that your hearing aids are properly maintained and taken cared for during the hot and warm summer. Here are some things you can do:

· Remove Your Hearing Aids When Exercising — Moisture and humidity is bad for your hearing aids. As the day become warmer, it is most likely that you would get extra sweaty. Precipitation can cause damage to your hearing aid.

· Make sure that Sunscreen Won’t Come in Any Contact with Your Device — Sunscreen and other oil-based product can also cause damage to your hearing device. Moreover, makeup can also cause damage to your hearing aid.

· Give Your Batteries Rest — Batteries are extra sensitive to sudden temperature change. Store them in a cool, dry place to prevent them from damages, like corrosion.

· Don’t Forget to Take of Your Hearing Aid before Showering or Swimming — Exposure to water can easily break your hearing aids.

Summer is the time of the year to enjoy and have fun. Your hearing shouldn’t stop you from spending some quality time with your loved ones. But it is also important to remember these guidelines so that your hearing aids won’t get damage in the sun. Enjoy the sun!

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