Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. — How to Properly Clean your Hearing Aid

Let me tell you some tips on how to maintain and clean properly your hearing aids:

First, we must use proper tools such as pick and brush. This are used to remove earwax build up that may block or clog the microphone or receiver that may result into feedback. Next is to use gels or sprays to avoid unwanted moisture on your hearing aid. Lastly is cleaning up your hearing aid after use. But always remember to avoid using chemicals such as alcohol or wipes.

How do we clean ITE (In the ear) hearing aids?

First clean the holes of your hearing aid device and its microphone. Use a brush or a proper tool which was recommended by a hearing health care professional. Next is to clean up the built — up earwax using a brush. Remember to always put your hearing aids downward so that the particles will fallout outside the hearing aid and not inside. Then, use a pick to clear the inner holes. Lastly, clean your ITE hearing aid with a dry cloth.

How do we clean BTE (Behind the ear) hearing aids?

First, remove the earwax using a pick. Then remove the ear mold from the hook using soapy water. But before doing so, you must consult to a hearing specialist regarding your hearing aids.

Why do we need to clean the receiver and microphone?

Because the microphone picks up the different sounds in environment and converts them to electric signals that can be understood by the processor. And the receiver creates an enhanced soundwave that will meet the hearing loss needs of its wearer. They are both essential parts of hearing aid, that’s why they must be handled and cleaned properly.

Essence of cleaning your hearing aids

Why do we need to clean our hearing aids? As we all know, hearing aids aren’t budget friendly that’s why we have to take care of it by properly cleaning them. Proper cleaning will lessen the repairs of the device and will make it last longer.

Do’s and Don’ts for Proper Cleaning of Hearing aids

The thing we must remember and consider while personally cleaning our hearing aid is to always handle them with care. Always remember that we shouldn’t use alcohol or any chemical for cleaning our hearing aids. Chemicals and alcohol may cause damage to the device. Avoid exposing hearing aids to extreme heat, moisture, and water. Always put in mind that we must only use a dry cloth or tissue on cleaning hearing aids.

Wipe out moistures from battery so that it will not affect the hearing aids performance. Remove any presence of earwax on hearing aids so that it won’t clog up the ear piece. Always remove hearing aids before taking a bath, swimming and etc. Remove any perspiration present on your hearing aids. Hearing aids must avoid contact with water to avoid damages. And keep hearing aids out of reach of pets and children to avoid being swallowed.

Change your hearing aid’s battery often so they won’t run out of power. Always switch off your hearing aids when not in use. Lastly is to leave all repairs to an expert to avoid damaging the device.

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