Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. — Tips on How to Clean Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are strategically-made devices that are composed of many tiny parts. They are intentionally made for the special needs of hearing impaired of persons.

They are delicate devices so it is important that they are kept in good condition. They must also be checked by the professional, once in a while, to ensure that there are no damages or issues.

Cleaning your hearing aid at home is not advisable, because it cleaning services are generally provided by hearing healthcare professional. However you could still do it, especially if you really need to.

Tools, like the wax pick and brush are required when cleaning your hearing aid. These special tools are designed to eliminate wax build up at the end of the device where the sound comes out. In addition to that, it best to clean them at the end of the night because you won’t be able to wear it for several hours. 
Avoid cleaning your hearing aids with chemicals, cleaning fluid or wet wipes because it may cause damage to it. Also, it is necessary to hold it lightly and to put it in the soft surface to avoid any damage if it accidentally dropped.

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Originally published at ledesma-hearing.livejournal.com.