LedgerX announces the launch of exchange listed bitcoin mini futures

Sep 4 · 3 min read
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LedgerX is pleased to announce the launch of its exchange listed bitcoin mini futures. Individual and institutional investors can now access fully collateralized, physically settled, mini BTC-USD futures with monthly expirations. Our bitcoin mini futures are denominated in 1/100th bitcoin, and are listed alongside our bitcoin mini options and bitcoin mini swaps. Zach Dexter, our CEO, commented:

“Futures have always been a part of the company’s roadmap, and we are excited about today’s launch. Futures and options are a big part of the trading landscape and we believe it is important to have a complete suite of listed products to enhance platform liquidity and the ability to effectively hedge risk.”

About LedgerX Mini Futures

LedgerX lists two months and two quarters of futures, expiring on the last Friday of each month. Futures are fully collateralized with cash or bitcoin, and physically settle.

  • A long future contract (buy) will require cash collateral upfront, and if held to maturity, the holder of the long future contract will receive physical delivery of bitcoin.
  • A short futures contract (sell) will require bitcoin collateral upfront, and if held to maturity, the holder of the short future contract will be required to physically deliver bitcoin to the long contract holder.

Traders can access futures from their LedgerX account by clicking on futures contracts, on top of the options chain. Once you select the contract that you are interested in trading, select buy/sell from the menu and the amount of notional that you are interested in.

Remember LedgerX mini contracts are quoted in 1/100 BTC; i.e. 100 contracts have 1 BTC as the underlying.

Investors can trade out of their position or hold to maturity and, if long, take delivery of BTC. All orders are executed on our central limit order book, with full price transparency on market depth. Negotiated block trades are also printed on the central limit order book. Historical daily trading data is posted on our website, including each day’s (as of 4pm EST) last bid/ask, 24 hour volume, open interest and volume weighted average price (VWAP).

See historical data here.

About LedgerX

LedgerX is a bitcoin futures, options and swaps exchange, headquartered in New York City and regulated by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). LedgerX is available 24x7x365 and offers physical settlement of all contracts, as well as block trading and market making opportunities for institutional investors. Since launching in 2017, LedgerX has cleared over 10 million options and swaps contracts.

LedgerX pioneered bitcoin mini contracts in the US. LedgerX’s mini contracts have a contract size of 0.01 BTC, enabling granular trading and ensuring market scalability as bitcoin prices trend upwards.

We offer three signature products:

  • Bitcoin Mini Futures (Just Launched!) — listed for the next 2 months and the next 2 quarters; physically settled at maturity
  • Bitcoin Mini Options — weekly and monthly listings of European style call and put options that are exercisable at expiration for physical settlement
  • Bitcoin Mini Swaps — swap bitcoin for dollars, or dollars for bitcoin, on a peer-to-peer basis with low fees of $5 per Bitcoin. Contracts settle daily at 4PM Eastern Time.

If you are interested in trading futures apply here or contact us at sales@ledgerx.com to learn more about LedgerX’s innovative bitcoin derivative products and trading platform.

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