Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

Whereas Apple should have included an SD card reader, at least one USB 3 port and probably and HDMI or Display Port on its new MacBook Pro, Microsoft should have added at least one USB C port for its Surface Book i7 & Surface Studio.

Microsoft and Apple both failed miserably for the graphic card choice. Today’s best choice by far is an NVIDIA GeForce 10xx M. It is miles ahead of the concurrence, and the gap between 2 generations of mobile GeForce has never been that huge.

The Touch Bar does not seem that promising to me, all the more because of its position very near the screen, which will probably make it awkward to use at the same time as the keyboard.

The Microsoft Dial looks like it has a lot more potential. Of course, the jury is out and we’ll know more in a few months when people will have had sufficient time to use both.

I’m firmly in the more battery the better camp, and I would gladly have a 1 mm thicker laptop or smartphone, if it means additional hours of autonomy.

Apple’s strategy is to keep the autonomy at 10 hours, and offer thinner and lighter products with the progresses in energy savings.

I’m curious: do Apple consumers think 10 hours is the sweet pot and they don’t need more, or would they gladly have even longer autonomy ?

Also curious: can Apple customers imagine a non-touch future for computer screens, medium or long term?

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