Read LED Lighting Of Houston Reviews- Joshua Pitts

Joshua Pitts resides in Houston, Texas. He is the owner of LED Lighting of Houston, a lighting company that sells commercial interior and exterior LED Lighting. He has been in business since 2013. He was previously employed at National Signs where he worked for 2 years and in that tenure sold the largest sign in the companies 25 year history. Before National Signs he went to the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston. A prestigious program that only allows 30 individuals a year to participate. Through this program Joshua Pitts gained employment at Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking office where he was an analyst intern working on a team of 9 that managed $4 billion dollars. Through the Wolff Center he was invited to meet Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world and notorious investor. He toured his office in Omaha, Nebraska and also ate lunch with Mr. Buffett at Warrens favorite restaurant, Piccadilly.

Joshua Pitts Led Lighting Company served his clients in a fashion that propelled the company’s revenue to several million the first few years of business. His main attributes were selling the longest lifetime LED Lighting products when many individuals were selling short life LED fixtures made in china with no warranty. You can read reviews about LED from LED Lighting of Houston Reviews. His company increased in national contracts he then purchased National LED and then trademarked the name and bought the highly sought after domain. The domain which is now an ecommerce site is competing to become the number one google searched lighting company for those individuals and businesses that want to buy fixtures online but also have 24/7 phone support to help with complicated items that most often require behind the scenes calculations or software that is expensive for the non lighting person to use .

Joshua Pitts worked with many other companies where he did a project for the Gillman corporation in Houston, Texas where they bought 600 LED parking lot lights and they received a rebate of nearly $250,000 dollars.

He now owns, and he is also the youngest member of the Houston Angel Network, the angel investor club that does shark tank style deals in Houston. His lighting company regularly publishes you tube videos speaking about the differences between lighting companies and products as it is such a convoluded market.

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