Led Bulbs as the One Stop Solution for Advanced Lighting Purposes

Lighting fixtures with light emitting diodes, also called LED’s, produce 90% more efficient light than regular incandescent bulbs. They are the best eco-friendly alternative to incandescent bulbs and are high energy efficient. An electric current passes through a small chip, which brightens the tiny sources of light and results in visible light. LEDs are accommodated into light bulbs for commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications. LEDs provide unique design opportunities with some smaller in size while others resemble normal light bulbs and suit the needs of the old light bulbs. LED light may have fixtures built in as a fixed light source. LEDs provide a wide scale up in lighting than its traditional lighting counterparts.

The cob consists of individual LED lights, ranging between 20 to more than 500 individual LEDs, depending on its size and varied style. LED corn lights are available in various colours temperatures, from 2300K to 6000K. LED corn bulbs can be used to replace metal halide bulbs from 75 watt to 400W. Its extreme brightness makes them ideal for use warehouse lighting. Several distinguished features of LED light help to separate them from traditional methods. LED linear high bay lights are designed for higher ceilings and spacious areas as they concentrate more light directly to provide strong illumination at a longer range. This property makes them widely useful in various applications such as storage areas, factory outlets, gymnasiums, malls and retail markets.

Because of its low cost, the demand of LED panel light is growing fast. Its power saving capacity, slim look and even light distribution are the main reason of this market growth. Integral LED panels are highly cost effective and usually have an ROI of 50%. Such panels deliver even light with less power and a wider beam angle hence making more savings and increasing its optimization. LED panels use the latest technology to deliver ultra-efficient and high light output providing savings up to 44%. The environmental benefits of installing Integral LED panels are significant, since they don’t have mercury, like its old counterpart technology, fluorescent tubes.

Advantages of LED light bulbs:

· Broad range of colours available.

· Toxic materials like mercury are not used.

· Cooler and 9 times higher energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs.

· A single lamp signifies reduction of hundreds of pounds of CO2

· Customised lights can be monitored through Bluetooth or wi-fi connection.

LEDRadiant focuses on the production and manufacturing of commercial LED lighting for hotels, parking lots, gas stations, shopping malls etc. They produce over more than 100 varieties of different LED bulbs and fixtures to serve this purpose. The research based, technologically advanced and reliable components helps to create an LED product with the highest reliability, longevity and durability.

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