How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU) on

Education tokens (LEDU) are now trading on This article will explain how to purchase tokens on the exchange. See also How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU).

Sign Up

1)If you’re not already registered on then go their sign up page and enter your information.


2) The next step is to deposit ETH or BTC into your exchange account.

3) When depositing ETH you will be asked to send ETH to an address provided by the exchange.

4) Open your ETH wallet and send the amount you would like to deposit to that address.

5) Once you have ETH on your account then you are ready to purchase LEDU tokens.


6) LEDU tokens on are available in BTC and ETH pairs, meaning you can use BTC or ETH to purchase. Locate the LEDU/ETH pair and click on trade to purchase Education tokens if you want to use ETH. If you want to use BTC locate the LEDU/BTC pair.

7) You will be taken to the trading page where you can buy LEDU tokens. Simply enter the amount you wish to purchase and click BUY ETH — -> LEDU to purchase LEDU tokens.

8) Confirm your buy order. Your confirmation will pop up in the bottom left corner.

9) Once you’ve completed your purchase the token balance will be visible in your exchange account.


10) Now that you’ve purchased LEDU tokens you can withdraw them to your ERC20 token wallet. Simply enter the withdrawal address where you wish to send the tokens and amount. You will need to verify with your fund password (this is separate from your account password).

11) Once your transaction is completed education tokens will be visible in your wallet under the symbol ‘EDU’ or ‘LEDU’. Please check our article on How to add tokens to your wallet for information on how to view your tokens or add them to your wallet if they aren’t visible.