Quarterly LEDU Competition: Win 500K LEDU

Are you a crypto lover? a faithful crypto holder? Are you interested in earning more reward for being part of the crypto ecosystem? One way you can earn more LEDU while learning how to build real products or not, is by participating in next Education Ecosystem Quarterly Competition which is surely going to be fun with suspense.

Education Ecosystem (LEDU) Competition

Participation in the Education Ecosystem competition is not limited to existing token holders as new token holders are welcomed. Most participants of this competition are individuals who are aiming to improve their professional skills in various niches like programming, artificial intelligence, data science, cryptocurrency, and game development.

How To Join Competition

Simple and straightforward: Do three of these activities:

After you’ve completed three of the above activities, register for the competition using this form: https://forms.gle/pZmuUxkPCpm5kmy59.

If you do so, you have joined the competition, and good luck ;)

Dr. Michael J. Garbade

Written by

Founder & CEO of Education Ecosystem. Serial entrepreneur with experience from Amazon, GE & Rebate Networks, https://www.education-ecosystem.com/

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